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Making A Difference

This is where we start our metaphorical fire.

(Sorry, no arson for you.)

Digital Advocacy

To get the mission across, we enlist the help of Digital Advocates. These are volunteers who have an online presence. We never ask them to change their content and moral views. We only ask that they stand with us in order to better their own community. It's a small task with a lasting impact. You can become a Digital Advocate yourself!


Are you a company, group, or organization looking to be part of the cause? We have options for you too! Whether that be a company donation, an organization partnership, or maybe you just feel like shining a light yourself. Connect with us and we'll gage our options together!


Wellness Bundle

It wouldn't be a wellness cause without a means to donate. Hold on though, we have a catch. By donating here, you are donating to all of our partners. This could be a monthly choice or a one time deal. If you prefer one over the rest then by all means go to their site and donate, but this is an all stops kind of shop.

Expressive Donation

The McCandle Project prides itself on interacting with the community. People have it rough, but their stories of hope are worth sharing. Submit a story or piece of digital art to us under our guidelines and we would be thrilled to share it with the community. You never know how your story may influence someone around the world.




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