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Welcome to The McCandle Project

The McCandle Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting positive mental health and advocacy. Our mission is to light up your way through the dark by providing you with healthy and social outlets.

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We appreciate your support for this community :3

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We Spark Fire

We can't provide counseling when you are at your lowest, but we know people who can.

Through the funding of partnerships, digital advocacy, and cataloging,

we can make the world a brighter place.

Advocacy Program

Our primary goal is to make advocacy easier. Many people want to make a difference, but they don't know how. While we focus on digital advocacy, you can also make a difference through your physical community. All of that can start here.

Story Time

By submitting your story to us, we will catalogue it, because your effort on this planet deserves to be remembered. We also love gathering artwork from the community, because healthy expression is an amazing skill to have. 

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